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Painted Thingies
by Alaina Joy


Artworks by Alaina Joy

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About Alaina Joy

Alaina Joy is the resident artist at and owner of Painted Thingies and specializes in creating unique and colorful artworks. Her artworks showcase her creativity and passion for art, and are available for sale. In addition to creating artworks, Alaina also offers commissions for murals, hosts classes and offers ticketed events to see and purchase her art in person.


She is also the President and Co-owner of JAMM Gallery. She blends vibrant strokes with inclusive ideals, creating a space that celebrates pop and street art, community, and diversity. Here, she’s not just an artist—she’s a catalyst for connection and growth, using the power of art to foster love, outreach, and personal development.


Alaina believes in the transformative power of art to transcend barriers and bring people together. Through her diverse range of artwork and events, she strives to cultivate a safe and welcoming environment where everyone feels valued and accepted.


Her passion for pop and street art fuels her creativity, infusing each piece with energy and excitement. But beyond aesthetics, she’s dedicated to using art as a force for positive change. Whether it’s through collaborative projects, outreach programs, or amplifying marginalized voices, she’s committed to making a difference in her community and beyond.


Join her on this journey of exploration and self-discovery as she harnesses the limitless potential of artistic expression. She believes that together, we can paint a brighter, more inclusive world for all.

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